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Ethereal Breakdown podcast

Ethereal Breakdown podcast


Every 2nd sunday live CET: 17:00

Ethereal Breakdown Podcast

In 2011 Adam Seller started his very own podcast, Ethereal Breakdown. A classified podcast which clearly demonstrates Adam Seller's energetic and always melodic sounds in Progressive, Proglifting and even Uplifting Trance. On this website you will find the tracklists of the past episodes. You can easily download this podcast by clicking the iTunes or non-iTunes button. You will be redirected to your personal choice. The Ethereal Breakdown Podcast is for free and appears monthly. ‚ÄčEvery 2nd sunday of the month you are able to hear the premier broadcast at AfterhoursFM.

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Tracklist Ethereal Breakdown Podcast #54

  • No.
  • 01
    Adam Seller
    Ethereal Breakdown (Intro)
  • 02
    David Gravell
    The Last Of Us (Original Mix)
  • 03
    Phantoms (Original Mix)
  • 04
    Lele Troniq & Bilal el Aly
    Synthesizers (Original Mix)
  • 05
    Joran Heelsing pres. Immortal Division
    Coffein (Quatri Remix)
    Silver Waves
  • 06
    Andrew Stets
    Cherub (Elite Electronic Remix)
    Unique Sense
  • 07
    Solis & Sean Truby ft Audrey Gallagher
    Skin Deep (Original Mix)
  • 08
    Abaze, Caldufer & Enzo Grimaldi
    Anubis (Original Mix)
  • 09
    Eco & Mike Saint-Jules
    Azure (Original Mix)
    In Trance We Trust
  • 10
    David Forbes ft Emma Gillepsie
    Hurricane (Original Mix)
    Aria Digital
  • 11
    Rafael Frost ft Ana Criado
    Never Been Hurt Before (Original Mix)
    Frost Recordings
  • 12
    Arkham Knights
    Disconnected (Original Mix)
  • 13
    Richard Durand & Fisher
    In Your Hands (Original Mix)
    Magik Muzik
  • 14
    Alex Ender, Allion
    Monterini (Original Mix)
  • 15
    Willem de Roo
    Inception (Original Mix)
    Always Alive
  • 16
    Maarten de Jong
    Red & White (Original Mix)